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Horse photography herd
Length of time
Price / Person

Please send me an email about this shooting or call me at short notice (+33 609929810) to find a suitable date for you.

The shooting takes place several times a week from February until end of June.




We meet before sunset / sunrise at our agreed meeting point near Saintes Maries de la Mer . 

We will photograph the white Camargue horses in their natural environment. 

Depending on the season, their location on the private property varies.

In spring, when the first foals play with each other, various scenes can be photographed. The interactions in the group can also be exciting and action-packed. Mares mounting or one-year-old foals galloping through the marshes on the private land; there is always something going on in the herd. 


A special event and an exciting time is from April to the end of May, when the stallion comes to the mares, then very exciting and intimate moments can be photographed. 


We only take photos in the morning and evening hours. The horse shoots only take place on private property. 

Recommended equipment:

Digital SLR or system camera, as well as the appropriate lenses. I recommend a wide-angle lens in the focal length range between 10-35mm and a light telephoto lens up to 200/400mm.

Essential: knee-high rain boots 


For your stay in the Camargue, I recommend the Hotel Palunette.

It is located approx. 1.1km from St-Marie de la Mer and is a suitable starting point for our shootings. 

for our shootings.

The small, family-run hotel has an outdoor pool and consists of 12 bedrooms with their own terrace. The hotel is in a quiet location and also offers a beautiful view of the Etang des Launes.

The staff are super friendly and speak English.

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