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Bird photography workshop for beginners and advanced / Parc Ornithologist /or Wildlife 3h
Length of time
Price / Person
  • 150 euros



In this workshop, I meet the participants where they are in their photography. I explain and answer questions in an understandable and practical way.


We meet at the car park in front of the Parc Ornithologique Pont de Gau in St. Marie de la Mer or at another meeting point that I announce in advance and photograph a wide variety of bird species together.

These include little egrets, flamingos, avocets, grey herons, waders, ibis, white spoonbills, kingfishers, etc....


We are in the heart of the Camargue with its typical marshes and reed beds, which we will explore on a relaxed photo walk. We will train our photographic eye, pay attention to the background of the picture, the shooting position and adjust our camera in a controlled and conscious manner. There are tricks and tips for finding motifs that we can put into practice immediately. 

Recommended equipment:

Digital SLR or system camera, as well as the appropriate lenses. I recommend a lens in the focal length range between 70-200mm and a telephoto lens up to 800mm.


For your stay in the Camargue, I recommend the Hotel Palunette.

It is located approx. 1.1km from St-Marie de la Mer and is a suitable starting point for our shootings. 

The small, family-run hotel has an outdoor pool and consists of 12 bedrooms with their own terrace. The hotel is in a quiet location and also offers a beautiful view of the Etang des Launes.

The staff are super friendly and speak English.

Photo Chambre.jpg
la-palunette (8).jpg

The bird photography courses for beginners take place from February to October. Please send me an email with your arrival date and together we will find a suitable date.
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