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Bird photography from the floating waterhide Feb.-July

When photographing birds in the swamp from a floating water hide, you can photograph a wide variety of bird species such as purple herons, great egrets, black-winged stilts, etc. from a low perspective just above the water's edge. This creates exciting shots without disturbing the animals. Black-winged stilts regularly breed in the swamp and you can watch them rearing their young.

An exciting and unique opportunity to discover the birdlife in the Camargue .


Horse photography by the sea : March - October

The photo shoot takes place on a private beach. You can photograph the horses galloping in the sand, in the sea and in the waters near the beach. You can also photograph static images, such as reflections in the water, during the workshop.

A magical photo experience at sunset!

Horse photography in the swamp : March - October

The photo shoot takes place on private property. The Camargue horses gallop through knee-high, expansive swamps. We also photograph reflections and how the horses gallop through sand or rest in the reeds. The riders can also be photographed during the shoot.

Static images and images in motion can be photographed during this workshop.


For photo clubs / groups:

Horse photography of a free   living herd    Feb.-July

I will accompany you to a herd of around 50 mares, with or without foals depending on the season. The horses can be photographed and observed in their natural environment.

In the evening you can often see them playing and galloping just before sunset.

Beautiful motifs also in spring, when the first foals are born and play with each other.

Special days are in April when the stallion is released into the herd. Very action-packed pictures can be taken here.

You will get an exclusive insight into a breeding of wild Camargue horses.

Horse photography + bird photography for groups / photo club with accommodation Feb-July 

Are you interested in visiting the Camargue with your photo club, or family and friends ?


I offer you a unique opportunity to combine bird and horse photography and you will sleep directly on site in a beautiful Mas (farm) with 10 rooms, which can either be double (15 people) or single (10 people). 4-bed rooms are also available, so family members or children can also travel with you. 


All of the above shootings can be booked. Depending on the season, I also offer you the opportunity to take part in traditional events in the Camargue with me, or to organise trips to the lavender fields in Provence. 

Visiting a saddler, a photo shoot with bulls etc. ...


If you are interested, I will send you an individual offer for your photo club, including a programme and pictures of your accommodation. 


The price is variable and depends on the booked shootings and the number of people.


If you are interested, please send me a message here

Email .

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