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Natural Light Photography (English)

When it comes to natural light photography one of my favorite spots in Europe is located in the south of France.

Imagine Provence with the beautiful lavender fields, sunflowers, old and tiny cities, gorgeous landscape and wildlife.

Or have a look at the fascinating area of Camargue. White horses, flamingoes and thousands of different birds and flowers, in the breathtaking department of Bouches-du-Rhône.

In both cases the most important thing is the special light conditions you have there.

If you want to photograph the wild flamingos for example, you should fall out of bed latest at 5 am. This is hard for some people, especially in vacation times, but also the best time for natural light photography.

You will have soft warm light and long, soft shadows and the magic of a quiet environment without tourists.

Don’t worry if you are not a morning guy, there will be another chance at the end of the day at sunset.

The golden hour, photographers are speaking about, is the time right after sunrise and the hour before sunset, if you don’t know when it is exactly for your location, then you will have hundreds of applications that can help you.

Keep in mind it's just ONE hour. Plan your pictures before and be focused.

Also you can put your camera in Aperture Priority Mode. In this half automatic mode, the camera will choose for you the shutterspeed and ISO ( choose here ISO Automatik, that will make your life easier) .

The only thing you have to do is just to think about your aperture settings and the composition of your pictures.

Enjoy it !




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